When designing your ultimate relaxed bedroom with an elegant and luxurious feel having classy colour ideas is crucial. No doubt that choosing colours can be tricky, you are spoilt for choice but how do you know not only which colours work but how to make your bedroom Pinterest photo ready.

Below is a fine collection of works from Troyer Builders, New Orleans, Southeast Louisiana, USA. Greg and his team have done some real inspirational quality work for their clients. These images may just inspire you to go to the next level with your bedroom overhaul.

The grey, brown and cream tones of this room work very well together. The candle bulb chandelier one of the first pieces I noticed, the lighting also comprises of the cool LED ceiling up lighting easily created by the cornice pelmet which also contains down lights. I also love the french doors and window frames in similar shades to the walls with the grey/brown wash look of the wood floor

The reclaim timber wall feature is very much in fashion, the example above is stunning however top end products can be pricey. Alternatives include using pallet materials with ideas on Pinterest for these, or perhaps wallpaper. The grey and dark brown tones working very well here. If you want to have a little more depth and texture to your bedroom but still keeping it relatively simple you can install rough timber to the wall and stain or paint it to make the texture of the timber pop.


Classy Opulent feel of this room shows that some furniture pieces are timeless and they do work with the sage grey tone of the room. The cream tiles bring balance and warmth with the white stepped ceiling adding a touch of depth and interest. Another great idea is window blinds instead of curtains, bespoke blinds can be pricey however the finish can really enhance the elegant feel of a room.

The stunning dark timber frame bed on the worn wood flooring looks great. The grey-brown wall colour works well with the white skirting boards and white frames around the windows bringing a great colour collaboration. White skirting boards and architraves not a thing of the past as they do work well in 90% of colour combinations.


Who knew that chocolate brown can look so good, the rustic reclaim wood flooring looks amazing. White and brown can look elegant and this room proves it. The larger white skirting and stepped ceiling with those large white frame windows breaks up the strong presence of the brown emphasizing its presence.

The very simple almost minimalist grey and white bedroom colours in the bedroom shows that often less is more. If you wonder if you can paint your ceiling a different colour to white, this room proves that with the cornice it can look very polished. Be careful with low ceiling though as painting the ceiling a darker shade will reduce the loftiness of the room.

The lovely mint sage colour of the walls work so well with the white and almost black stain on the stunning crafted bed, wardrobe and polished wood flooring. This room also shows that you dont need wall art as the detail is in the furniture and a small picture frames on the wardrobe. A very elegant timeless look.

This minimalist inspired bedroom is all about the detail.  The lovely paneled walls and rose tones of the wood flooring gives this room real depth. The White Cotton colour does a fantastic job in enhancing the other elements around it like the floor, the bedside cabinets, the navy bed, the over sized gold framed mirror and the industrial inspired bedside pendants coming down from the ceiling. So simple but so effective. Great if you have statement furniture or other interesting elements to emphasize.

Credit to Troyer Builders for the use of these stunning images.

For more images on the works of Troyer Builders please go to http://www.troyerbuilders.net/portfolio/

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